Ladies and gentlemen.our ward has come to a crossroad and now we have the power to change the political landscape of Ageng’a Nanguba Ward.

I said it time and time again in the last general elections and I repeat again now that if you elect me to be your face at the county I will ensure that your needs are met day in and out across our land.

First of all I plan on proposing new legislation that will invest more tax in our public schools to encourage developing minds for the future,such funding will be used to hire and retain professional exposed teacher,build and renovate new ECD and ICT training colleges.

I will also propose no new tax increase to our local SME market traders especially mama mboga or fish monger but rather an effective rechanneling of our existing tax revenue to meet county demands something that the incumbent have failed to do.

Secondly economic development is on the mind of most of you, particularly in regards to our small towns of Sioport, bukiri, mulukhoni among others for many years, economic prosperity has been neglected by current and previous leadership,I am proposing a city center revitalization project that would promote new businesses,residential areas and industrial zones inconsideration to environmental aspects by putting up green areas to bring people back to the heart of our ward,current leadership has allowed our town to die

Fellow brothers and sisters time has come and is now to come up with a viable solution to the transport and clean water problem in our ward,my generation doesn’t want to be remembered for a road we built today,but for a more visionary transportation and water system for a future.

In conclusion,there is much to be done but it all starts with a vote .your vote – so I’m calling on you on August 12,2017 to mark your ballot for change. Together we can do this. We can show that here our priorities are job creation, peace and security, change,hope and progress as our slogan,we dare to look beyond old divisive politics and have the audacity to ask for something better.

We will face cynicism directly in the eye,and have faith that the best is yet to come and especially because there is much more to be done.we are ready to take on the challenge;it can’t be done without you , let’s work together,roll up our sleeves and start the work right now .thanks and best regards

MASIGA Okwera Silas